Vocabulary Words

James and the Giant Peach

colossal– adj. very large; enormous; huge

panic– v. sudden, extreme or wild fear resulting in disordered thoughts or actions

froth– n. foamy or bubbly liquid

hovering– v. staying in one place in the air; hanging or floating

limousine– n. a large luxury car driven by a hired person

peculiar– adj. odd; strange; bizzare


Number the Stars Vocabulary

Vocabulary Practice: Quizlet- Number the Stars

Quizlet (if needed):

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casket – (noun); a burial box
synonyms: chest; box; coffin

custom – (noun) a usual or long-established practice
synonyms: tradition; habit; ritual

gestured – (verb) moved a part of the body to communicate an idea or feeling
synonyms: motioned; signaled

gnarled – (adjective) knotted or twisted in appearance; having been distorted, deformed, or bent out of shape
synonyms: weathered; ragged; crooked

harsh – (adjective) strict or severe; extremely unpleasant; not pleasing to the senses; mean, nasty, or cruel
synonyms: bitter; rough; brutal; tough

imagination – (noun) the power or ability to create things, usually pictures or ideas, in one’s mind; the ability to think creatively
synonyms: creativity; thoughts; originality

psalm – (noun) a song or poem, usually Biblical
synonyms: hymn; poem; song; prayer

simply – (adverb) certainly or clearly; without question or without a doubt
synonyms: just; only; merely; purely; surely

synagogue – (noun) a Jewish place of worship
synonyms: church, temple, worship building

unfamiliar – (adjective) unknown; foreign
synonyms: strange; unaware, different, inexperienced


Maniac Magee

Vocabulary Practice: Quizlet- Maniac Magee

Quizlet (if needed):

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bellowed (v.) – yelled or roared; cried out in an enraged or angry way; let out a loud noise

bison (n.) – a large bovine animal with a large head, shaggy mane, and short-curved black horns

feat (n.) – an act that is amazing or surprising because of its difficulty; an achievement or triumph

minor (adj.) – lesser; smaller or lower in size, amount, number, or importance

pry (v.)- to move or open with force; often using a lever; to jimmy

raft (n.) – a floating platform; a float; collection of logs or boards that are fastened together

revolt (v.) – to rise up against authority; to oppose the rules; stage a rebellion

satchel (n.) – a little sack or bag used to carry things; bag with a shoulder strap; a handbag

snatched (v.) – grabbed quickly and suddenly; taken without permission

vacant (adj.) – empty; unoccupied; abandoned or deserted



Vocabulary Practice: Quizlet- Holes

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attorney (n.) – a lawyer; a person trained to give legal advice to represent someone in a court of law

barren (adj.) – offering neither warmth nor comfort; empty and lifeless; not inviting

defective (adj.) – no perfect; broken; flawed;not working properly

delirious (adj.) – unable to think clearly, often due to an illness or an overexcited imagination; wild thoughts; insane

desperate (adj.) – requiring or feeling the need for urgent or immediate attention; crucial; urgent

destiny (n.) – something will happen with or without planning; bound to occur; can not be avoided

fossil (n.) – the stony remain or imprint of an animal or plant that lived a long time ago

riot (n.) – a violent, public disturbance by an unruly mob; group violence

rut (n.) – a cut or groove made by repeated use

tedious (adj.) – tiresome, boring, wearisome, or dull, usually due to repetition


Figurative Language Vocabulary

Vocabulary Practice: Quizlet- Figurative Language

Quizlet (if needed):

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alliteration(n.) use of similar beginning consonant sounds

personification (n.) inanimate object taking on human characteristics.

onomatopoeia(n.) imitation of sound in words

simile(n.) compares two things using “like” or “as”

metaphor(n.) comparing two things without using “like” or “as”

idiom(n.) a saying that means something other than the literal meaning of its individual words

hyperbole– (n.) exaggeration used for effect

irony (n.) the use of words that means the opposite of what was intended


House on the Gulf Vocabulary

Quizlet- Vocabulary Practice

Quizlet (if needed):

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ceramic – made of baked clay, or of clay that has been molded and heated; made of a non-metal material that has been molded and heated; having to do with pottery

conscientious – having a strict work ethic; concerned about details; very responsible

desperate – requiring or feeling the need for urgent or immediate attention; marked by extreme or immediate danger; crucial; critical; pressing; frantic; urgent

furiously – angrily or vehemently; in a way that shows great excitement or anger

grimaced – twisted one’s face to express discomfort, pain, irritation, or distress; made a facial expression showing pain or disgust

hesitantly – uncertainly; with pauses or unwillingness; carefully

interrupted – stopped the normal course of; stopped from finishing or being finished; stopped from continuing something

obituary – notice of a death, often printed, that usually contains biographical information

practically – almost; nearly; just about

ripped – cut or tore; pulled apart or tore open with force


Among the Hidden Vocabulary

Quizlet- Vocabulary Practice

Quizlet (if needed):

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Password: srcsread

bugged– equipped with an electronic listening device

exist– to live or have life

forbid– to command against; to not allow; to deny permission

illegal– unlawful; against the law

offended– hurt or angered; insulted

panic– extreme, wild fear that results in disordered thoughts and actions

rally– a gathering held to create excitement about a cause

risked– to do something dangerous; took a chance with a strong possibility of failure

vent– an opening that allows liquid or gas to flow through


Trouble with Tuck Vocabulary

Quizlet- Vocabulary Practice

Quizlet (if needed):

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Password: srcsread

Transgression– (n.) sin or wrongdoing (misbehavior, disobedience, offense, crime)

Keen– (adj.) able to sense details (sensitive, aware, insightful)

Dwindle– (v.) to decrease little by little (diminish, reduce, lessen, fade)

Ludicrous– (adj.) utterly ridiculous (absurd, foolish, outrageous, stupid)

Distraught– (adj.) extremely upset (worried, troubled, flustered)

Departed– (v.) left an area; went away (leave, passed on, expire)

Ignore– (v.) to refuse to notice; pay no attention to (disregard)

Retire– (v.) no longer work at a job; withdraw (quit, withdraw)

Serene– (adj.) quiet and undisturbed (tranquil, calm, placid)

Stroll– (v.) a leisurely or idle walk; walking easily (saunter, ramble)


Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary

Quizlet- Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Practice

Quizlet (if needed):

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Password: srcsread

Brilliant- very bright and sparkling (sparkling, shining)

Brooch- a large decorative pin worn as jewelry (pin)

Constable- a public official who has duties to enforce laws in a town or village (policeman)

Dimensions- measurements or appearance of an object that include height, width, and depth (measurements, volume)

Gallows- a frame or frames, usually consisting of two upright posts and a top crossbeam, from which a rope is suspended in order to execute someone by hanging; any frame used to suspend something (frame used for hanging)

Lingered- waited or stayed for a greater time than usual; was slow to leave (remained, tarried, waited)

Longed- wanted badly; greatly wished for (yearned, desired)

Reluctantly- With little or no desire; without wanting to or without feeling like it, no eagerness (unwillingly, hesitantly, unenthusiastically)

Rigid- stiff and unbending; unwilling or unable to change one’s mind or opinions (frozen, unmoving, firm, fixed, unchanging)

Tension- a strained excitement; a feeling of hostility between two or more individuals or groups (nervousness, suspense)


I am David Vocabulary

I am David Vocabulary Review- Quizlet

Quizlet (if needed):

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Password: srcsread

considered thought about; pondered
cruelty meanness or viciousness; treatment that causes or inflicts pain, suffering, or misery; mean, vicious, or hateful behavior
determined having set a firm goal or made a firm decision; giving full strength, concentration, or attention to; showing firm intent
hastily quickly, often without thinking or without being careful; hurriedly; rashly; without patience; in a rushed way
hostage one who is captured and held for use as a bargaining tool; a prisoner who is held by one party to ensure that the other party will meet specified terms or demands
magnificent arousing or inspiring awe or wonder; grand; wonderful; splendid; great; outstanding; dazzling
recall to remember; to bring back to mind
uneasy uncomfortable or nervous; anxious or worried
vitamins substances found in animals and plants that are required to help the body function properly; pills or tablets that contain such substances
wept cried; shed tears


Mr. Tucket Vocabulary

dismounted: (verb) climbed down or off, as from a horse

lashed: (verb) tied or fastened with a rope, chain, or belt

prime: (adjective) top quality; best or greatest; stellar; chief

raid: (noun/verb) a surprise attack; a forceful attack or entry, usually for the sake of seizing, destroying, or stealing property

stocky: (adjective) sturdily built; thick and compact

travois: (noun) a way to transport and carry goods pulled by a horse, made by placing a frame between two long poles

mulish: (adjective) stubborn; hard-headed









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