It’s a mystery!

These students think they have solved the mystery!

We love our books!

Chapel Time!

Reading Groups are hard at work today!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much for showering us with cards and gifts!

We feel so loved!!

Merry Christmas!

Cupcake Decorating with Mrs. Adams!

Christmas Crafts!

Creating Comics using Hyperbole!

Stone Mountain Field Trip


Living Cross

Our God is alive!


Tybee Island Field Trip 2019


Vocabulary Parade!!


Tangram Puzzles!

In reading class, students are learning about plot and how anticipation rises until something happens (climax) that changes the outcome. These puzzles were tough and many students were becoming frustrated. However, after hints were given, the excitement began to build until they were completed!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CRAZY CREATURE Exchange 2018!


Tybee Island Field Trip 2018!





St. Mountain Field Trip 2017

Great Day of Service 2017

Homecoming 2017


2017 Great American Solar Eclipse!


Animal Classification


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