Crazy Creature Challenge!

Can you draw Mrs. Konas’ crazy creature? Try it for a prize!

Mrs. Linda Learnalot

       I would like to introduce you to my Crazy Creature named Mrs. Linda Learnalot.  She is a very unique creature who enjoys her job as a teacher at SRCS, Spinka Rusip Callomoon School. She loves to make learning fun and interesting for her students, and she uses her big eyes to look for opportunities to help her students develop their special talents. One time, she helped her student, Bubble, blow such an enormous bubble that the student was able to crawl inside the bubble and drift all the way to the moon! Unlike normal teachers who have eyes on the back of their head, Mrs. Linda Learnalot has springs as feet to help her react quickly to situations if students become unruly.


Mrs. Linda Learnalot has many unique features. Her body is made up of two overlapping triangles: One is her skirt pointed upward that is turquoise and the other is her shirt pointed downward that is pink. The bottom point of her shirt lies on top of her skirt. The skirt has two checked stripes across the bottom that alternate the colors red and green. She likes to wear a green tie that has red polka dots on it in the middle of her shirt. Her arms are very short and are in sleeves the color of her skirt. Her hands have four blue, pointy fingers. Next, she has five blue, rectangle legs extending from the bottom of her skirt with black springs on the bottom of each for feet. She has two big, round eyes that touch, the size of half dollars. Her pink eyelids cover the top half of her eyes with seven beautiful, short, black eyelashes on each eyelid. Because her students sometimes drive her crazy, her eyes have become crossed. The irises are blue and the pupils are black. Finally, her blue hair has five big, wide spikes that touch the left side of her shirt all the way to the right. Mrs. Linda Learnalot is outlined in black.





Check out this Crazy Creatures!

Mr. Goatentag is a German goat that lives in Yodel Hidenberg Germany. He works at a pencil factory making pencils. His talents are competing in hay eating competitions. He also loves to yodel on the tall mountains of Germany. He loves spending time with his awesome sister, Miss Buffy. They have staring contests together! He also loves hanging out with his BFF, King, Mr. Dr. Sir. Fancy Face. They love watching “So You Think You Can Yodel?”!

Mr. Goatentag has a large white oval as a body and a medium pink oval in the middle of his body. His head is white and it is the shape of an upside down Hershey’s Kiss. His arms are two white, bent rectangles with two upside down, black half circles as hooves. His legs are two white, long ovals with two, black half circles as hooves. He also has a yellow pencil in his right hand. At the bottom of his chin, he has a small turquoise circle. He also has a full smile with all of his teeth showing. He has a small, pink circle nose and two small, oval eyes with tiny turquoise pupils. He also has small pink rectangles as eye brows. He has two pink horns separated by two, white triangle as ears. Lastly, on top of his head, he has a turquoise top hat.

By: Christian D.


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