HW Spelling blocks- (see example picture below) Spelling words can be found on the 5th grade blog and in the Spelling workbook. Students who miss one or no words do not have to complete the spelling blocks for homework or take a final test on Friday. Students who miss two or more words on the pretest will complete their spelling homework only on the words they missed (including the vocabulary words) and take the final test on Friday. Spelling blocks are due every Thursday.

*Vocabulary words in bold.

Lesson 1

For practice, go to Lesson 1 spelling practice

Click #2 “Practice a Spelling list number” and enter 3288521 to practice Lesson 1.

chilly, value, humble, pattern, shelving, volumes, whisper, common, separate, puppetry, headache, magazines, granite, erosion, summit, igneous, sediment, mountains, snowcapped, fragile, fragment, deposit, expose

Lesson 2

For practice, go to Lesson 2 Spelling Practice

Click #2 “Practice a Spelling list number” and enter 3288551 to practice Lesson 1.

reign, beige, agent, major, details, survey, freight, faithful, obeyed, prepaid, complaint, neighborly, lava, molten, tephra, volcano, magma, eruption, pressure, conduction, induct, intersect, intersection

Lesson 3

alley, shield, belief, salary, relieve, money, neither, achieve, territory, received, volleyball, assembly, cavern, sinkhole, columns, chamber, limestone, stalactites, stalagmites, dissect, section, contact, intact

Lesson 4

although, cocoa, envelope, icicle, midnight, thoroughly, motivate, lightning, ideal, groceries, decided, admire, glacier, basin, valley, deepest, terraces, gorges, broadest, proverb, verbal, proceed, recede

Lesson 5

unify, dutiful, loosen, rescue, pursuit, bruised, curfew, nephew, included, perfume, choosing, continued, arid, dunes, cactus, deserts, semiarid, landscape, evaporates, durable, duration, vital, vitality

Lesson 6- Review (no test)

Lesson 7

typist, purify, crystal, physics, canyon, recycle, rhyming, systems, mystery, symptom, gymnasium, youthfulness, seedling, embryo, dormant, adequate, favorable, germinate, absorption, progress, regression, reporting, transport

Lesson 8

scald, ought, foster, sought, coffee, saucer, flawed, naughty, recalled, cautious, alternate, chalkboard, pistil, sepals, foliage, stamen, botanist, pollinate, fragrance, formal, inform, revival, revive

Lesson 9

royal, avoid, appoint, destroy, account, doubtful, moisture, outdoors, crowded, enjoyable, allowance, employment, conifer, canopy, deciduous, timberline, evergreen, temperate, lumberjack, memorial, memory, revise, revision

Lesson 10

evil, linen, raisin, metal, citizen, legend, human, recent, curtain, marvel, foreign, musical, dense, thicket, shrubs, sparse, climate, vegetation, woodlands, assignment, signals, convert, convertible

Lesson 11

identify, televise, parallel, scientist, innocent, ordinary, diamond, estimate, anonymous, satisfactory, atmosphere, management, lichen, alpine, arctic, terrain, reindeer, antarctic, permafrost, refuse, refusing, reverse, version

Lesson 12 – Review Week (no test)

Lesson 13

mist, missed, suite, sweet, guest, guessed, profit, prophet, horse, hoarse, presents, presence, kelp, nucleus, aquatic, plantlike, seaweed, ecosystem, photosynthesis, accessible, secede, fraction, infraction

Lesson 14

tide, tied, ring, wring, pier, peer, herd, heard, ceiling, sealing, patients, patience, salinity, intertidal, coastline, anemone, barnacles, organisms, fluctuation, attentive, intention, contraction, extraction

Lesson 15

invalid, wound, excuse, record, conflict, console, conduct, address, produce, complex, increase, contract, rotation, surface, periodic, strength, proximity, continuous, gravitational, transportable, transporting, envision, invisible

Lesson 16

sensible, pleasant, obedient, entrance, important, convenient, difference, intelligence, reasonable, deliverance, comfortable, indestructible, atoll, polyp, skeletal, barrier, calcium, tropical, nutrients, exclaim, proclamation, corrupting, disruption

Lesson 17

social, partial, decision, delicious, politician, precious, physician, substantial, description, compassion, commercial, conversation, Pacific, Mariana, undersea, subduction, lithosphere, depressions, topographic, aquamarine, submarine, circumscribe, describe

Lesson 18- Review (no test)

Lesson 19

athlete, journey, freckles, attempt, orchard, shoulder, entertain, adjective, sculpture, aggravate, apostrophe, congratulate, senses, organs, physical, muscles, skeleton, anatomy, circulation, fusion, transfusion, resignation, resigned

Lesson 20

afford, source, chores, normal, internal, squirrel, nervous, purpose, calendar, searching, particular, courtroom, habitat, tolerate, nourished, carnivore, herbivore, marsupial, vertebrates, recapture, intercept, admittance, remittance

Lesson 21

artist, article, weary, parrot, cherish, sincere, irritable, wearing, prepare, guardian, harmony, apparent, nestling, migrate, plumage, feathers, preening, songbirds, lightweight, aviary, aviation, performance, performed

Lesson 22

compress, compound, concave, configure, conversed, conforming, design, detour, deactivate, discount, discovery, dissatisfied, scales, marine, fisheries, seafloor, cartilage, streamlined, membranes, illuminate, luminous, imposition, opposition

Lesson 23

exports, exchange, expression, impolite, imports, imperfection, inactive, incapable, incomplete, informative, nonsense, nonfiction, thorax, species, antenna, abdomen, segmented, exoskeleton, invertebrate, bilateral, unilateral, contortion, distort

Lesson 24- Review (no test)

Lesson 25

refusal, survival, actively, definitely, delicately, valuable, advisable, noticeable, practiced, purchased, imaginary, courageous, solstice, equinox, vacation, Fahrenheit, centigrade, summertime, temperature, audience, inaudible, commotion, promotion

Lesson 26

easily, necessarily, sturdier, crunchier, applying, supplying, multiplying, heaviest, marriage, hardiness, happiness, scratchiness, autumn, festivals, pigment, chlorophyll, harvesters, abundance, cornucopia, conclusion, exclusion, cognition, recognize

Lesson 27

seasonal, electrical, upsetting, admitting, pardoning, happening, submitting, straightening, occurred, frightened, preferred, accustomed, insulate, blizzard, subzero, toboggan, hibernate, barometer, thermometer, incredible, incredulous, accumulate, cumulative

Lesson 28

onions, salmon, aircraft, reflexes, offspring, countries, garnishes, kindnesses, businesses, dictionaries, sandwiches, missionaries, vernal, annual, gardening, springtime, Christianity, precipitation, resurrection, juvenile, rejuvenate, vivacious, vivid

Lesson 29

echo, sugary, anchor, enough, roughly, scissors, treasury, parachute, measuring, machinery, biographies, catastrophe, axis, latitude, equator, longitude, meridians, equidistant, hemisphere, counteract, interaction, inspection, retrospect

Lesson 30- Review

Lesson 31

affect, effect, affection, defective, dictate, verdict, prediction, contradict, visible, visibility, supervise, supervision, ozone, inertia, orbital, mantle, velocity, universe, revolution, accelerate, decelerate, bicentennial, centennial

Lesson 32

format, uniformity, conformed, transformed, rupture, abruptly, interruption, obstruct, structure, instructor, destruction, constructed, solar, eclipse, corona, nuclear, magnetic, prominence, photosphere, postscript, prescription, determination, exterminate

Lesson 33

recount, accountable, expressive, impression, intended, tendency, aeronautics, astronaut, astronomy, autographs, selenology, tripod, mare, albedo, phases, density, satellite, craters, reflectivity, misnomer, nomination, inscription, manuscript

Lesson 34

elite, liberty, quiche, traitor, trophy, essays, bureau, plateau, bizarre, attorney, ensemble, government, energy, gaseous, telescope, luminosity, composition, astronomer, constellations, innovation, renovate, contemporary, extemporaneous

Lesson 35

burro, canoe, adobe, poncho, tornado, avocado, mosquito, palomino, cafeteria, hurricane, chocolate, escapade, spiral, elliptical, clusters, globular, flattened, molecules, classification, nominate, nominee, convince, invincible

Lesson 36-Review

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