Poetry In-Class Recitation

Due: (TBA)


  • The student will choose a poem with a minimum of 15 lines (with teacher approval).
  • All poems must be memorized.
  • No props will be allowed.
  • Gestures are encouraged and expected through out, reflecting the expressive nature of the material presented.

Grading Rubric:

  • Physical Presence (feet planted, no swaying, or fidgeting)
  • Voice Intonation, Articulation, and Volume (speak clearly and at a proper pace)
  • Gestures (hand motions are used to enhance the poem)
  • Eye Contact (eye contact is used to pull the audience into the poem)
  • Level of Difficulty (15 lines is the minimum)
  • Evidence of Understanding
  • Overall Performance

When presenting:

Begin with these items:

  1. Name
  2. Grade
  3. Homeroom teacher
  4. Poem title
  5. Author

After the introduction, clearly and dramatically present your poem.

Feel free to find poems from these resources!






Rubric for Poem Recitation

Voice Intonation

  • 4 – Phrasing is fluent and voice is compelling
  • 3 – Phrasing is fluent
  • 2 – Phrasing is a little choppy
  • 1 – Phrasing is very choppy


  • 4 – Hand and body movements are used to enhance the poem
  • 3 – Hand and/or body movements do not detract from the poem
  • 2 – Too few gestures or distracting gestures
  • 1 – It is difficult to concentrate on the poem because of the many hand and/or body movements OR no gestures were used at all


  • 4 – Voice could be easily heard by the entire audience with no teacher cueing
  • 3 – Voice could be heard with some teacher cueing
  • 2 – Voice difficult to hear even with teacher cueing
  • 1 – Voice could not be heard throughout most of the poem

Eye Contact

  • 4 – Eye contact is used to pull the audience into the poem
  • 3 – Eye contact is made with the audience most of the time
  • 2 – Eye contact is seldom made with the audience
  • 1 – Eye contact is not made with the audience

Level of Difficulty    + _____

Physical Presence    +______

Overall Performance + _____

Total = ______/ 28 points = ________





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